Monday, April 9, 2018

Final part 2

I completely did not get the rubric because I thought it was make something from Star Trek not make something completely new. So I'm back to the drawing boards. I started thinking about goggles that they wear when flying remaking that and adding color like snowboarding mask look like.The story would be I have terrible eyesight and I bet the star trek flyers when they got older probably needed prescription glasses. Well my idea would be prescription goggles.

I planned on making it a wearable. Either buying a cheap mannequin head or 3D a star trek character or myself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Final Proposal

I'm not a Star Trek fan I watched it a little when I was younger with my dad. So I definitely was lost in the beginning on where to even start because there is so much that goes into this Star Trek world. That being said as a newbie I really was interested in the spacecraft sections I read or just transportation they had. They were all designed differently some looked like battle ships while others looked like cute little bubbles. Weapons I saw some interesting swords with a lot of details would be nice to see the change once I painted it, as well as the lazer torch it looks like a gun in a way. If possible I would like to have a piece coming out symbolism the lazer being able to paint this idea to make it come to life.

Monday, February 12, 2018


I'm really excited about the next project. Making another monster but now in 3D seems like it's going to be interesting to learn how to do. I've been thinking something cute and funny for the first idea, but the second I would like to do something more halloween/horror.

1.) Dog, horse, wings
2.) monkey, wings, sexy legs
3.) snake, wolf, gorilla, chicken legs


I've been struggling a lot with this project, I did come up with the idea of doing a horse because I really liked the idea of crazy hair. I'm going to have the drawing framed and then have the hair flowing outside of the frame.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Weekly blog

I've been struggling creativity lately, on top of being sick. The project with paper craft art really has stressed me out, I'm not very good at hands on stuff sometimes so i'm afraid my ideas will be to simple but ideas I like may be to advanced for me to pull off. In a post below it's a women with flowers in her hair and at this point i'm really enjoying the idea of crazy hair and watercolor paint makeup. I think it will be refreshing looking.