Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts I really enjoy this class even though I was very stressed out most of the time because something doesn't go according to plan. I've learned time management and thinking outside the box this semester. I am so proud of myself for not dropping all my classes after the funeral early on in the semester. It really did take a toll on my mental state, especially becoming very sick when traveling back to Pensacola. I became very unmotivated and weak not thinking creatively. I very thankful for my classmates and Professor Thomas for always being there for me and understanding when I was super stressed out this semester. Without them I wouldn't have gotten through this semester. That being said my final project may have broke but I still very much love the idea of the United Federation wine collection to bring people together. So happy that this print was so much better than the last idea, I have definitely grown in the aspect of understanding 3D printing. 

Sadly, I broke my project in Hobby Lobby today. I am thankfully only the top broke and it didn't shatter. That being said it doesn't look like a wine bottle anymore.
I really struggled with the final project in my opinion because my print did fail and then it didn't exact how I wanted it to be. But after mocking up the labels I was more excited about it. I am wine lover so this was a fun project to make for the star trek world.

The United Collection is about bringing together everyone. I started with one label then moving on to making two others for the collection. The Blue one is the one i'll be showing for the class but I wanted to mock up for the collection as well.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fusion really is way more confusing than meshmixer I had many issues. Watching some youtube videos did help in the end. I wish I could have figured out how to sculpt more in the software.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Final part 2

I completely did not get the rubric because I thought it was make something from Star Trek not make something completely new. So I'm back to the drawing boards. I started thinking about goggles that they wear when flying remaking that and adding color like snowboarding mask look like.The story would be I have terrible eyesight and I bet the star trek flyers when they got older probably needed prescription glasses. Well my idea would be prescription goggles.

I planned on making it a wearable. Either buying a cheap mannequin head or 3D a star trek character or myself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Final Proposal

I'm not a Star Trek fan I watched it a little when I was younger with my dad. So I definitely was lost in the beginning on where to even start because there is so much that goes into this Star Trek world. That being said as a newbie I really was interested in the spacecraft sections I read or just transportation they had. They were all designed differently some looked like battle ships while others looked like cute little bubbles. Weapons I saw some interesting swords with a lot of details would be nice to see the change once I painted it, as well as the lazer torch it looks like a gun in a way. If possible I would like to have a piece coming out symbolism the lazer being able to paint this idea to make it come to life.