Monday, February 12, 2018


I'm really excited about the next project. Making another monster but now in 3D seems like it's going to be interesting to learn how to do. I've been thinking something cute and funny for the first idea, but the second I would like to do something more halloween/horror.

1.) Dog, horse, wings
2.) monkey, wings, sexy legs
3.) snake, wolf, gorilla, chicken legs


I've been struggling a lot with this project, I did come up with the idea of doing a horse because I really liked the idea of crazy hair. I'm going to have the drawing framed and then have the hair flowing outside of the frame.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Weekly blog

I've been struggling creativity lately, on top of being sick. The project with paper craft art really has stressed me out, I'm not very good at hands on stuff sometimes so i'm afraid my ideas will be to simple but ideas I like may be to advanced for me to pull off. In a post below it's a women with flowers in her hair and at this point i'm really enjoying the idea of crazy hair and watercolor paint makeup. I think it will be refreshing looking.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Walter Benjamin

One of the biggest topics Walter Benjamin talks about is how technology is changing our outlook on artwork. I couldn’t agree more it changes our perceptions on how we look at new media and modern art. We can advance our artwork not just simple painting like traditional artwork. Advances in photography have been tremendous, taking a photo of the mountains we are now giving our viewers a secondary experience of the aura. It’s amazing to see artist especially my Professor she will take a photo then project the image on to some landscape. The work that she pulls up is jaw dropping, I think technology really expanded man artists minds about lets see how far we can push the odds. The same thing with technology it’s constantly changing and we are having to adapt or get left in the dust. It’s putting artist on their toes as well, as all art is replicable we can twist and make something more modern but the question that is concerning is what’s the worth of that art piece if it’s not completely original. Benjamin in his essay talks about how work of art identities has two major manifestations especially in the technological reproduction of art. Art in any form using modern technology, in which it would change the way we see the original piece. Then there is the second in which is the process such as art of film. A very interesting part in the essay is where he brings in the thoughts about how he perceives the here and now artwork. Sometimes with technology we aren’t in the moment and most of the time we can use technology is create moments that aren’t necessarily there. Hence “here and now” artwork, really making the aura of the work start to crumble because aren’t having that sensation of unique distance. I understand where Walter is coming from he loves tradition, how he talks about original work of art is heritage, permanence and uniqueness. As an artist myself, I’m actually really enjoying the new media art and how we are changing traditional art work making us think what we can do next. Coming from a technology based school, it’s very interesting seeing these new machines and softwares we can use to complete our art work in. I think the work still gives off traditional art “vibes” i’ll say because he really talks about aura a lot in this essay. It means a lot to him in his mind, but personally I believe we can accomplish that with our new ways of art. I don’t think taking a photograph and projecting it onto a canvas makes it any less of here and now. We may twist and change something a little. I almost get a feeling that he likes really raw work of art, just in the moment no editing just pure what comes through the lens is the shot. I think those pieces are great but sometimes tweaking the white balance or saturation of photo could go a long way in the final piece.